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Autumn Seminar Canary Islands Spain. Click here to see the information

This is our next Activity. 4 and 5 November.

This activity is organized Kuubukan Quality. Click if you want to know what quality means Kuubukan?

        Autumn Seminar Canary Islands Spain.    Autumn Seminar Canary Islands Spain. Click here to see the information

         Special rates for groups. 



Objectives for the Seminar Objectives for the Seminar:

  Objetivo para el Za Zen Target for Zazen: “Sit down.”

  Target for Chi - Kung -Zhan Zhuang- Objective in Chi-Kung: "The work of all this year will be concentrate on developing and working full cycle. It means working the 5 basic Zhan Zhuang’s positions in the order that we have been learning. This let us generate maximum energy flow which we will have to apply in practice later."


  Objetivo para las Armas Aikido -arms-: 

    Objective Jo With Jo: The work will be based on the 3 Awase, (practice with partner) of 4th Kyu  


    Objetivo  con Ken With Ken: The work will be based on 3 Awase, (practice with partner) and 1 Kumitachi of 4th Kyu.  


 Aikido -empty hand-:

        The work is going to pose on the techniques of 4th Kyu in Ryotemochi ryotedori, Katadori and Shomenuchi. 


Attention! This is Very Important  Registration Deadline 30 October, 2017.

          Courtesy of our Dojo offer Breakfast and Appetizer with Kuubukan Quality.  Courtesy of our Dojo offer Breakfast and Appetizer with Kuubukan Quality.


If you come to our seminars this information will be helpful.

      Adventure Tourism in Tenerife            Canaria Gastronomy


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News about our Dojo Kuubukan

So we started the 2017-2018 Aikido Course!


        It is important to start with energy after the summer holidays, and what better way to do it than with a meal of brotherhood among some students of our Dojo.   See more.



Memory of the 3rd Hatha Class - Yoga, September 14, 2017.

        On September 14, 2017, the third training session of the new series of Hatha - Yoga.


        Work was done on the exercises of: Agni Sara (lighting the digestive fire); within the breathing exercises became the Purifying Breath, and work on Asana was concentrated on Vinyasa which is the rhythm throughout the series of postures.   See more.


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Our monthly publishing by our Sensei Ishana Pérez.


        By Sensei Ishana Pérez.

        Often one carried away by a mood of boredom and frustration, which for various reasons are flooding our practice.

        Factors that may cause such grief are many, therefore the elements of art misunderstood or not developed and the personal aspects of each student.

        I have always said that the secret of evolution is motivation, but of course! We have to feed it constantly, and for this there are some simple premises: that you like what you doand that you have satisfaction in doing so, without these preconditions is made very difficult to advance.

        There are many types of motivation, but let's say there are two blocks that encompass other one is the intrinsic motivation and extrinsic another. #AikidoKuubukan / #DojoKuubukan   See more.

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Click to View Information Classes Hatha - Yoga Online

Hatha - Yoga Online

 Click to View Information Classes Hatha - Yoga Online Today times of high stress living, to do any activity you input quality of life, you have to move to places that get you away either your job or your home, which is a waste of time added.

    Click to View Information Classes Hatha - Yoga Online New technologies bring us closer to global saving time and being comfortable in our surroundings. This is what gives you classes in Hatha - Yoga OnLine, you can choose a wide range of possibilities: breathing exercises, relaxation, postures rebalance your life energy and bring you health, meditation exercises that increase your mental capacity etc.

        Classes will be taught through Click to Download Skype for Free for personalized.

Classes will be in Spanish  Classes will be in Spanish.

        The first thing you do is an interview by Click to Download Skype for Free (totally free) with stakeholders to see their motivations and objectives within the HathaHatha - Yoga. The next thing is to see if they want a standard class or want custom, having set a target begins work.

        See all the details here. Click to View Information Classes Hatha - Yoga Online    

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