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   Práctica Silenciosa  All the month of August the Dojo will be closed for vacations.

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Class of Hatha-Yoga


        Date: September 14, 2017.

        Class Schedule: 20.00h. At 10:00 p.m.

          Place: Headquarters of the Kuubukan Dojo

        Campo de Lucha de El Calvario. Calle la ermita nº 15 El Sauzal.

        Equipment Loose clothing - shirt and trousers - preferably white, if you can!

          Limited spaces! And it's totally

        For people outside the Kuubukan Dojo.

          Deadline to register September 10 at 18:00.

        Para Inscribirse Contactar por: Móvil, Whatsapp o Line  Phone,, Whatsapp o Line: 639 187 140.


  All Information about the Hatha-Yoga Class.       


News about our Dojo Kuubukan

        Last July 8, 2017 members and sympathizers of our Dojo celebrated and enjoyed the party of the end of the course 2016 - 2017 in El Rincon del Pirata.

You have an extensive report in the following videos:

        Preparations for the 2017 Summer Festival.

Participants in the 2017 Summer Festival.

        Appetizers at the 2017 Summer Festival.

        Rice and Dessert at the Summer Festival 2017.

        Cups and Dance at the 2017 Summer Festival.

        Live Music with Lino and Berty at the 2017 Summer Festival. See more.

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Technical video of month by Sensei Ishana Pérez.

         Aikidoof Dojo Kuubukan: Kata Dori, Kokyunage, Work on the Shoulder.


Click to See:  Aikido of Dojo Kuubukan: Tsuki Jodan with Hitt – Sui Geri, Kokyunage

        Kata dori Kokyunage begins to study in our Plan of studies Kuubukan in 3th Kyu, see in the following link the technical program for this level:

        The shoulder is the most mobile joint of the body, it is that mobility that we use to make this variation of Kata dori Kokyunage.

        Another aspect to keep in mind is that we replace the work done on the elbow by the shoulder, so it is important to connect well with the partner through the contact of the hand that goes to him.

        The Nage (the projection) is produced by the change of Hanmi (laterality) produced by the legs and amplified by the waist, that is to say that it is only necessary to gently manipulate the shoulder of Uke to bring it down.

        It is obvious that the better we adjust the Time (the precise moment) the better the execution. It is possible or not to use Atemi, that depends on the Time and the different interests of the execution. Another important aspect is that we can project Uke in different directions, depending on space, displacement and circumstances.

        This same work can be used for an absorption of the Uke, either rotating or unbalancing it in different lines of work and in this way make any other principle, Ikkyu, Shionage, Tenchinage ...

#AikidoKuubukan / #DojoKuubukan


        Tori: Sensei Ishana Pérez.

        Uke: Alberto Luís Méndez.

        Video: Jorge González.

        Attention! This is Very Important  Warning:

        Performing these exercises without the guidance, instruction, maturation and proper guidance can lead to serious accidents.

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My experience at the Kuubukan Dojo. By Álvaro H.

        Álvaro is a Nobel student of our Dojo, began studying with us in October 2016 and finished his school year in May 2017, making a total of 51 hours. 30 min. of work.


        The following text is the narration of his experience during that time.

         What to say about Aikido, above all that it is an art that looks very different from the outside. And it is that in these eight months has changed the way I see this art. While it was not exactly as I expected, it did not disappoint me in any respect. It is a very "traditional" martial art and this idea of not competing is perhaps one of the elements that most attract attention, is that this prevents a violent development, and may get a more personal approach to art, self , to improve.   See More.

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Our monthly publishing by our Sensei Ishana Pérez.

        Salon Aikido.

        By Sensei Ishana Pérez.

        What is the Salon Aikido?

        In our Dojo we call salon aikido the one practiced without taking into account the meaning of the Way, it focuses more as a physical conditioning, an element to improve health, a hobby, a fun, a world of social relations, that is, All that implies the ludic or the somatic.

        What is not lounge aikido?

        Aikido is not made of salon when it is focused like a Budo.

        Here it is possible to have presence that is the Aikido of salon, but it is not pursued to reach the playful althosugh it obtains its benefits, that is to say, it is a world of social relations, there is playful aspect, also the body is cultivated, but the objective is another, with much more background and more transcendent. #AikidoKuubukan / #DojoKuubukan   See more.

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Scholarships Kuubukan.

    We inform all the residents and registered in El Sauzal, that we have open the registration period for our Kuubukan 2017-2018 Study Scholarships.  #AikidoKuubukan / #DojoKuubukan

See all the details here. 

  Phone contact. 639 187 140


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Hatha - Yoga Online

 Click to View Information Classes Hatha - Yoga Online Today times of high stress living, to do any activity you input quality of life, you have to move to places that get you away either your job or your home, which is a waste of time added.

    Click to View Information Classes Hatha - Yoga Online New technologies bring us closer to global saving time and being comfortable in our surroundings. This is what gives you classes in Hatha - Yoga OnLine, you can choose a wide range of possibilities: breathing exercises, relaxation, postures rebalance your life energy and bring you health, meditation exercises that increase your mental capacity etc.

        Classes will be taught through Click to Download Skype for Free for personalized.

Classes will be in Spanish  Classes will be in Spanish.

        The first thing you do is an interview by Click to Download Skype for Free (totally free) with stakeholders to see their motivations and objectives within the HathaHatha - Yoga. The next thing is to see if they want a standard class or want custom, having set a target begins work.

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