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   Today we celebrate 35 Years of the Foundation of Our Dojo Kuubukan.



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5 and 6 de May, Intensive Meditation:  This activity is organized Kuubukan Quality. Click if you want to know what quality means Kuubukan?


What Is Meditation - Why There's So Many Benefits.


Attention! This is Very Important  It is important to reserve a place prior.

  Deadline for Registration is 30 APRIL 2018.

  You can use a chair for meditation.

                                             See all the information here. 

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This month's article in our nuestro boletín Aiki-Publis Newsletter:

        The Implements as a means to Evolve in Aikido. By Sensei Ishana Pérez.


        I believe that this article for the most purists of Aikido (I consider myself one of them) can be a heresy, because it can be understood as an attack on their practice, but what perhaps these people anchored in a near and immovable past do not understand , is that everything has to evolve to make it better, more subtle and more precise. As far as my knowledge goes, that has happened with any Budo, both ancient and modern.

"The concept of the best is a natural result of evolution itself. Life naturally tends to perfect itself."

José Ingenieros.      

        I consider myself an academic of Aikido, totally faithful to his principles, but I like to have a great freedom to contribute, to improve and increase knowledge in pedagogy, in technique or in any other field that dignifies Aikido, or at least I try with all my strength every day of my life.    See more.

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Technical video of month by Sensei Ishana Pérez.

         Aikido of Dojo Kuubukan: Yokomenuchi Shihonage, Tachi Waza – Suwari Waza.


Click to See:  Aikido of Dojo Kuubukan: Yokomenuchi Shihonage, Tachi Waza – Suwari Waza

        Yokomenuchi Shihonage begin to study within our plan of studies Kuubukan in 5th Kyu, see the technical program for this level:

        In the first block of 4 videos, the four key details that will lead us to the complete execution of the technique, which is the video of the end, are shown.

        The second video, is the basic movement to build any principle from the approach with Yokomenuchi and applying the displacement of Kaiten ashi, with the absorption to Uke of that particular form.

        Already in the third, it is the application of the principle of Shihonage.

        Starting from the Kihon learning that is studied in 5th Kyu with Yomenuchi Shihonage that is done only in Tachi Waza, the work presented here is about two levels of execution, that is, going from Tachi Waza to Suwari Waza.

        That implies several things:

        The control of the partner to be able to apply the technique and not advance when going down, because if we can not make Kaeshi Waza (contras to the technique performed), and therefore win the time.

        Structural attachment when going from one level to another, that is, having a good line of axis, because the most usual thing is that when changing the level the structure loses integrity, and that can be a serious problem.

        That is learned in the base, and this is, when sitting and getting up throughout the classes, it is in this part where our somatic intelligence is learning and perfecting the transition from a standing level to a sitting position. As this part is perfected, there will be more effectiveness in applying the techniques with this approach.

        Working like this, you have to be aware that you have two directions, the exposed one, Tachi Waza (standing) to Suwari Waza (to work on your knees), and conversely, from Suwari Waza to Tachi Waza, and in both ways we be will find the same obstacles.

        In future videos we will make proposals in reverse.

#AikidoKuubukan / #DojoKuubukan


        Tori: Sensei Ishana Pérez.

        Uke: Jessica Dudine.

        Video: María Pérez.

        Attention! This is Very Important  Warning:

        Performing these exercises without the guidance, instruction, maturation and proper guidance can lead to serious accidents.

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News about our Dojo Kuubukan

        On March 3 and 4, 2018, the Aikido seminar was held in winter at our headquarters in El Sauzal.

        At the request of the attendees the program initially established was modified, this approach was developed on 3rd Kyu and on the attacks from Katatedori on Gyaku and Aihanmi. See more.




        On March 17 we made the eighth Wine Route through the North of Tenerife.

        There was a wonderful time to taste our wines and our traditional cuisine.

        We started just above the Dojo, in the Agustin Guachinche with that splendid view over the municipality of Tacoronte. The dish that was tasted there was the Morena Frita with its different sauces.   See more.

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Our monthly publishing by our Sensei Ishana Pérez.

        The generational renewal.

        By Sensei Ishana Pérez.

        It is a natural with the passage of time, because dominates the spirit of change (not only is in the technique, the Waza), that in turn contains, what to preserve and what to innovate.

        It is important to stand a moment in these two last things:

        Preserving what is received, given that they are the foundations to develop everything what you do afterwards. It is also the origin and the beginning where it comes from, and therefore honour the memory of all the tradition that so far has given his life, their effort, and their knowledge with their contributions to grow to art and to the Dojo.

        But if there is something which is not renewed, you stagnate, you can rot, which is what happens to water when it quagmires, Conversely, if it is always in motion, it generates life there by where it goes.

        The fifth sense of renewal according to the RAE says: "Give new energy to something, to transform it" would perhaps this does not conform completely to the beginning of the change?

        At this point it is important to ask about generational Dojos and by extension in the path, so I wonder:   See more.

#AikidoKuubukan / #DojoKuubukan

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