Month: October 2018    Aikido in Spain (Canary Islands)    Nº 76 

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Annual Meeting of the Dojo.

        A year our Dojo is holding its annual meeting, the meeting will take place on November 15 at our headquarters in El Sauzal, with the aim of:

        - Take stock of the year.

        - See the next projects for 2019.

        - Distribution of tasks to those responsible for the different areas of Dojo.  #AikidoKuubukan / #DojoKuubukan


Autumn Seminar Canary Islands Spain. Click here to see the information

This is our next Activity. 10 and 11 November.

This activity is organized Kuubukan Quality. Click if you want to know what quality means Kuubukan?

        Autumn Seminar Canary Islands Spain.    Autumn Seminar Canary Islands Spain. Click here to see the information

         We have special economic contribution for groups. 



Objectives for the Seminar Objectives for the Seminar:

  Objetivo para el Za Zen Target for Zazen: “breathing.”

  Target for Chi - Kung -Zhan Zhuang- Objective in Chi-Kung: "The work of all this year will be concentrate on developing and working full cycle. It means working the 5 basic Zhan Zhuang’s positions in the order that we have been learning. This let us generate maximum energy flow which we will have to apply in practice later."


  Objetivo para las Armas Aikido -arms-: 

    Objective Jo With Jo: The work will be based on the first 3 Kumijos of Kihon.


    Objetivo  con Ken With Ken: The work is going to be based on the first 3 Kumitachis of Kihon.


 Aikido -empty hand-:

        The work is going to raise about Katatedori Gyaku hanmi, Morotedori and Yokomenuchi of the level of 3º Kyu  .


Attention! This is Very Important  Registration Deadline 5 November, 2018.

          Courtesy of our Dojo offer Breakfast and Appetizer with Kuubukan Quality.  Courtesy of our Dojo offer Breakfast and Appetizer with Kuubukan Quality.


If you come to our seminars this information will be helpful.

      Adventure Tourism in Tenerife            Canaria Gastronomy


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Technical video of month by Sensei Ishana Pérez

        Aiki - Jo of the Dojo Kuubukan: Kata of 4 Directions.


        The 4-way Kata begins to study within our Plan of Estudies Kuubukan in 5th Kyu, see in the following link the technical program for this level:

        The interest of this video is to serve as a study guide to students who are studying the level of 5th Kyu, they have it at the click of a mouse, to consult it at any time when they have any doubt about its execution.

        It is a Kata that tends to forget, but it contains interesting work because it focuses the four directions in space, and in turn, the four diagonals are worked on.

        Another peculiarity is that each direction is started with a long Choku Tsuki, this has its intrigure:

        In the upper part of the body. - There is no need to stretch too far in order not to lose the center and self-balance. On the other hand, we must make an attack with content so that it can be reached effectively, that will be verified in the future within the Kihon, in the role of Uke in the Kumi - Jo number 4.

        In the hands job, that is, in the advanced hand, you have to make a change that facilitates the return to the axis with the Jo.

        In the back hand, keep in Jo to the height and in the direction that the attack was made, very useful this work because it emphasizes the importance of aligning the wrist with the forearm.

        In the lower part of the body. - Do not lose the root with the supports because the posture would lose all its root.

        The next thing is to work well the stance of the rider (the iron horse), which is used to come to the axis and face the diagonal on that side, it is important to perform it low. This involves going up and down to go to the position of Musubi dachi (posture of heels together and separate toes), which contains the axis to go to the diagonal.

        The next step in the Kata is to be on the shaft, to flow with the absorption and to work the cuts in Shomenuchi, using the inside of the wrists as a guide, when doing this action the diagonal of that side is completed.

        To focus on the next direction, the second movement of the Suburi, Migi Nagare Gaeshi Uchi, is performed, which basically is to make a 180º turn, in order to start a new direction with a long Choku Tsuki again.

        The same movements are repeated in all directions.

        Very important work with the look, which must be well oriented in the direction it focuses.

        You have to move your feet and body evenly and lightly, with sensitivity when stepping on, but without losing your grip on the ground and always trying to keep both feet on the same line.

        The cuts must be made with a deep extension, relaxing the shoulders and with a solid and sensitive support of the Jo.

#AikidoKuubukan / #DojoKuubukan

        Sensei: Ishana Pérez.

        Photography and video: María Pérez-Angulo y Gustavo Ortiz.

        Attention! This is Very Important  Warning:

        Performing these exercises without the guidance, instruction, maturation and proper guidance can lead to serious accidents.

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Our monthly publishing by our Sensei Ishana Pérez.

        Details and levels in Aikido.

        By Sensei Ishana Pérez.

"Art is born of attention and details are your midwife."

Julia Cameron.    

        Detail is a term used to name the particularities or circumstances of a specific thing. Also the notion of detail can be used to name what is done with thoroughness or thoroughness.

        Therefore, this brings us to another interesting word, which is to be thorough, which means one that stops and looks at small things.

        Some time ago I explained how the techniques should be carried out, taking as an example the process that a sculptor does when he wants to make a statue from a piece of rough granite.

        With that base and the details being a piece of that process, we will see the parts in which that detail is divided into a technique when trying to fix and integrate in practice:   See more.

#AikidoKuubukan / #DojoKuubukan

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Publications of Our Dojo

The Kamae and the Displacements in Aikido.

Planning in Aikido, through the Technical Notebooks.

Methodology for Training in the Art of Aikido.

Elements that Compose the Degrees in Aikido.


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