Basic Hygiene is important for the Seminars
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Basic Hygiene is important for the Seminars.

        It is important for you to take into account the following suggestions for the appropriate functioning of the Seminar.

        1º) It is very important to be on time.

        2º) When you change clothes for the practice you have to wash your face, feet and your armpits ,in the same way you are requested to empty your bladder and your bowels.

        3º) The Keikogui should be worn properly and clean. For the female students, the shirt they put on under the Keikogui should be black or white.

        4º) The Keikogui should only be worn for two sessions..

        5º) You have to bring beach shoes that you can use to have a shower at the end of the class.

        6º) If you have long hair it should be tied up and you should be shaved. If you have a beard it should be fixed correctly.

        7º) Your nails should be cut and clean.

        8º) You cannot practice with watches, rings, earrings, piercings, bracelets, etc,.

        9º) After practice you must have a shower.

        To arrive at the Dojo sweaty is unacceptable and you must also take a shower after class.

        10º) Before practising you must contribute to the cleaning and ordering of the Tatami.

        11º) Fort he classes you must bring the Aikido Weapons.

        • 1 Jo or stick, 1 Bokken or wooden sabre and wooden knives.

        12º) To start the class you must be lined up with your classmates ans sat in Seiza ( on top of your own legs) before the Sensei (teacher) enters the Tatami.

Many Thanks for your collaboration.

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