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Personalized Aikido Seminar

In Tenerife, Canary Islands.

Led by: Sensei Ishana Pérez.

Kyoshi    (senior instructor) Dojo Kuubukan.

Date: 9 and 10 November 2024.

Place:  Place

"Terrero de lucha del Calvario". Tenerife – Canary Islands, Spain.


         We are going to carry out a series of courses aimed at small groups of students, with specific content to work on and limited to a specific time.

        It is a new approach within Aikido and, as far as we know, we have no evidence that it has been carried out to date.

        It is a unique opportunity, both for new instructors and for students who want to do an in-depth study of Waza individually.

        On the other hand, we continue to contribute to the world of Aikido forms and procedures to develop better Aikido and, as always, seeking excellence with good work.


          We remind you that if you are a student or a subsidiary Kuubukan a Dojo Twinned with ours, you have at your disposal the:

Exchanges Kuubukan.


Accommodation  Accommodation Recommended by the Organization.


  What are Aikido seminars for?






Saturday 9th

Za – zen cleaning

07:30 h

Etiquette, Hygiene and Cleaning for Aikido Etiquette, Hygiene and Cleaning for Aikido



Warming based on Hatha Yoga WARM-UP, free for attendees



Seminar introduction Brief INTRODUCTION and answer some questions that the participants may have


80:00 h to 13:00 h

Empty hand EMPTY HAND in blocks of 1 hour

Sunday 10th

Same as Saturday


14:00 h

Party at the Dojo Party at the Dojo



* Keikogui.


 Objectives for the Seminar.


    The central idea and the objective to achieve in these seminars is to offer practitioners individualized teaching based on our learning curriculum.

    We will address this taking into account the technical aspect of each of the different levels that arise in planning.

    The skills that must be cultivated at each training level, which are related to the content to be practiced and which are always aimed at facilitating the execution of the different techniques

    Nor are we going to neglect the work on the internal aspects, which correspond to the development of the dynamics and the level that is being executed.


The general concepts

   It will be finalized at the beginning of October.





Technical Planning

   It will be finalized at the beginning of October.






 Important Note!



    Do you want to improve your performance in the seminar?

    It will be finalized at the beginning of October.




        Breakfast and Snack Kuubukan quality* Breakfast and Snack Kuubukan quality.

Courtesy of our Dojo and between classes you can take.

Cafe cafe.
Tea Tea.
Infusions Infusions.
Fruit juice Fruit juice.
Fruit Fruit.
Sweet pastries Sweet pastries.
After school as an appetizer:
Beer Beer.
Refreshments Refreshments.
Pasta salt Appetizer of our Kuubukan Kitchen.



 Contribution to the Aikido Seminar per Person.

1 single day of seminar and doing 1 single hour per day

€40 per person

2 days of seminar and doing 2 hours (1 each day)

€60 per person


 Contribution to the Aikido Seminar for Groups.

        Attention! At this point please If 4 people come in a group they only make their contribution 3.

        The amounts are as follows:

1 single day of seminar and doing 1 single hour per day

€120 for the 4

2 days of seminar and doing 2 hours (1 each day)

€180 for the 4

     Students in a group have to attend at a specific time, that is, of the 4 participants, they CANNOT enroll in different hours-levels.


Attention please! This is Very Important Last day to apply for the seminar: 2nd. NOVEMBER 2024.

        Attention! This is very important To facilitate the work of the organization, you can modify the reservation or cancel it at the latest on the deadline to register (2nd. NOVEMBER 2024), after that period can not make any change or cancellation, therefore, will not be returned no amount.

  If any amount is returned, the transfer expenses are borne by the person who has canceled the place (s) to attend the Aikido Seminar.

        * Venue, contact the organization regarding payment.


         For more information:

          Whatsapp + 34 639 187 140


        Authorization By attending our seminar is understood to authorize us to post pictures and videos on our website and social networks.


Accommodation  Accommodation.

        If you come accompanied the seminar and your partner does not practice, this section of our Web-Tourism Adventure- you can find plenty to do.

Click to View Our Topic: Adventure Tourism in Tenerife


       Tenerife Apartments for rent in Tenerife North.  

      Rural Accommodation in Tenerife North.  

Aparthotel La Quinta Park is located in the municipality of Santa Ursula:  

    It is 10m. by car from the Dojo, it has easy communication since everything is a highway; It is a place with good views, pleasant climate and tranquility to recover from the effort of the seminar.

    Its surroundings offer many possibilities, both gastronomic and entertainment, according to the taste of each.

    To contact Aparthotel La Quinta Park. 


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